The three words for 2014—for the existentialist entrepreneur

The year 2014 is made up of days. 365 uncharted, unfilled, wide-open days.

As entrepreneurs and independent professionals, we have, or definitely should have, concrete goals for this year. Earn more, connect to more clients, become a trusted professional within our networks, help the world understand our project’s vision, etc. But how do we really meet these goals? The real results that can be seen and measured by the end of the year depend on what we do every day. It’s the decisions, planning and actions of every single day that build our success. We can look at ourselves as existentialists—each one of us responsible for giving meaning and life to our own projects.

There is a wonderful freedom in professional independence along with heavy doses of fear, doubt and uncertainty. To be able to build strong and lasting enterprises and to keep our objectives clear we need a toolbox that is constantly replenished with new and useful tools.

Some of these tools are words. Words whose meanings and messages can help focus and motivate us in our daily decision-making and actions, no matter what phase our projects are in.

With this in mind, I have prepared something for you—as a strategist and co-conspirator who passionately believes in your potential for success.

I have prepared a box of three strategic words for you and your project for this year, 2014. All of the boxes you see below contain words of action that can serve both as inspiration and practical tools—to guide you through a problem, a moment of uncertainty, feeling stuck, or simply to help you move forward.

They are powerful words whose meaning and call to action are as valuable and instructive as you choose to make them.

This is how it works:

Look at the boxes and decide which one is for you. They all contain different words. Click on the number, not on the box, to open.

Inside you will find your three words for 2014. First, take a few moments to ponder each word and what it means to you. Then, under each one you will find suggestions and ways to use them as tools for moving forward.

These are your words. Let them guide you through the year.

Print them, hang them, carry them with you, tattoo them, pray them, sing them, chant them, meditate on them or paint them on your kitchen wall.

Use them strategically and consciously like you would use any resource in your professional toolbox.

If at any time you would like to talk to me individually about your project, send me an email. I’ll get right back to you.

Remember, when you decide which box is yours: don’t click on the box, click on the number to open it.

Have a strategic year! The days are yours to fill.






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