Jenifer L. Johnson

“Helping people and their projects make a difference in the world is one of my greatest passions”.

Jenifer was born in the United States, holds degrees in Philosophy, Political Science and Strategic Communication from the University of Texas and lives in Barcelona, Spain. As a strategist, program architect, writer and public speaker, she brings a wealth of over fifteen years of international experience that includes working as a lobby strategist in Washington, DC, designing programs for European NGOs, improving strategic processes for independent professionals, and creating action plans with the governments of Spain and Catalunya and advisory councils to the President of the United States.

In her work Jenifer draws new and dynamic strategic maps for people and their particular enterprise.

She offers collaboration to individuals as well as to public and private entities for Spanish, Catalan and English-language ventures.

Selected professional highlights:

  • Successfully re-structured and re-positioned a leading Washington lobby organization for social legislation.
  • Designed new communication platform for global skills exchange “The Talking Wall,” which became a permanent component of leading global health meetings.
  • Spearheaded new NGO programs and communication strategies in Spain that helped to alter the course of a worldwide epidemic in this region.
  • Participated in strategic planning committees for initiatives in the Catalan and Spanish governments and European Parliament.
  • Designed and led socio-cultural research projects in the USA and South Africa whose findings culminated in award-winning publications and training for multidisciplinary professionals.
  • Co-designed and produced a Spanish cultural multimedia project on historical memory, published as Healing through our stories.
  • Conducted national training circuit in USA for managerial and directorial professionals on rethinking status quo strategies entitled “Motor of change”.
  • Published original analysis on trends in government programs, legislation and spending in Washington DC.
  • Taught post-graduate course on “Institutional paradigm analysis” for an initiative between Central American and Catalan universities.