Consulting-Strategic mapping

“What makes me different as a professional is the use of both analytical and lateral thinking— helping people to see their projects from different angles and with a wider scope”.
“I help to quickly identify what is missing from a system and how a project can more successfully connect its content to the outside world”.

Because things change, we often need to make new decisions based on new technologies, goals and resources. The same plan should never be expected to work effectively throughout the passage of time.

When it is time to strengthen or change the course of a project, strategic mapping is the perfect place to start.

Without first evaluating your core mission, goals, strategy and content, any other efforts to expand or build could easily show weak results in the long run, or fall short of their full potential. This can result in not meeting objectives, a lack of movement or economic loss.

Strategic mapping consists of learning how to clarify the very core of a project’s mission, the interconnectedness of its parts, and its fluid connection to the outside world.

A clear and renewed strategic map will enable you to more efficiently use other resources or outside consultants your project may need, such website and social media experts, marketing and communication plans, or financial and coaching professionals.

My work is to ensure that your project or enterprise is conceptually articulate, structurally coherent, and clearly appreciated by the targeted public.

My objective is to help shift you to new ground and set your project on a course to reach objectives with new strength and renewed vision.

Strategic consulting helps with:

  • Ÿ  first stage project planning and development
  • Ÿ  defining the core mission and objectives
  • Ÿ  identifying and strengthening a project’s weak points
  • Ÿ  identifying and using outside resources efficiently
  • Ÿ  mapping creative paths in moments of difficulty or crisis
  • Ÿ  keeping a project on course and flexible
  • Ÿ  (re)defining, communicating and meeting new objectives
  • Ÿ  managing organizational changes
  • Ÿ  integrating new products, services and activities
  • Ÿ  adapting a project to today’s changing world
  • Ÿ  expanding project to new language, culture or technology
  • Ÿ  transcending economic or resource setbacks
  • Ÿ  integrating new products, services and activities
  • Ÿ  organizational and personal motivation
  • strengthening roles and goals for board members
  • Ÿ  creating a culture of ongoing strategic practice

Collaborations include:

  • Ÿ  step by step strategic mapping in key phases of a project
  • Ÿ  project evaluation and diagnostic
  • Ÿ  strategic practice session(s)
  • Ÿ  re-identification and redefinition of core mission and objectives
  • Ÿ  internal and external communication of mission and goals
  • Ÿ  identification of weakness, gaps or blind spots
  • Ÿ  facilitation of brainstorming sessions – creative problem solving
  • Ÿ  motivational sessions and meetings
  • Ÿ  development and use of persuasive discourse
  • Ÿ  connection of core mission and content to multiple platforms – online communities, websites,   mobile applications, print material, traditional media, networking
  • Ÿ  focus group facilitation
  • Ÿ  workshops and training
  • Ÿ  ongoing support – by telephone, Skype or in person


If you would like to talk about your project or needs, feel free to get in touch with me by phone (34) 677 199 295 or email [email protected]. I will be happy to have a conversation and explore your situation. It’s never too early or to late to begin.

My collaboration can range from one session to the development of a detailed plan over time for individual professionals and organizations. The possibilities are open.

Feedback from clients:

“If you want results, Jenifer is the component needed to get the job done. She has an uncanny way to get to the heart of a project and devise the most efficient way of accomplishing the task.
In a brief meeting with me, she recognised the primary challenge I faced in creating an effective team of individuals and provided perspective and advice to succeed and build a platform for the next phase. She is astute and focused – two vital qualities needed for effective time management”.

Cheyenne Crump, editor of the Sitges Quarterly; EventSitges, S.L.

“I was trying to develop a complex idea for a project and had become lost during the process of trying to structure and communicate the concepts. I began to look for some help. Jenifer understood immediately what I wanted to do. My ideas began to take concrete shape, and thanks to her I was able to realize the project that I felt so passionate about”.

Carme Llauradó, specialist in multidisciplinary health, trainer

“I had a series of sessions with Jenifer to help me strategize how to connect my professional services as a psychologist with potential clients and patients. She helped me gain new insight and narrow my focus while inspiring me to take the next important steps for growing my practice with clear intention.

Jenifer has an uncanny ability to see systems as a whole and find creative yet simple solutions to problems. Being able to see my project through her eyes was like giving it a new life.  And her followup support in person and via Skype is proving to be very useful.”

Dionís Thomson, psycotherapist and coach

Strategy consulting with Jenifer  L. Johnson

for the independent professional, enterprise, organization or program