Writing your story for the new year: A question of attention


We’re here again. Sometimes it feels like things are moving fast — it was just summer, then Christmas, now we’re in a new year. Wham!

As we enter into our new year, we can use this moment for an enticing ritual. We can use this time to slow down, take a breath and focus.

This year’s ritual offered by The Strategy Blog is about the creation of stories. Our own stories.

Of course your story is unique and only you can write it; I am simply helping you to ignite new movement, to set this year’s story in motion.

Here’s what you do: choose one of the books below and click on the number above the book to open it. The one you select contains the beginning of a key narrative for your new year.

There is a special theme that permeates the stories in all four of the books: attention. Where we put our attention determines how the story of our life unfolds.

The ideas inside your new book are meant to inspire. Often, all we need is a nudge to be on our way to advancing our life projects and to do our best work.

Today I propose that we lift our gaze together to catch a glimmer of what could be waiting for us in the future.

This is going to be a year full of great stories. I can see it from here.

. . . . 

(Click on the number to open, not the book.)