Why this blog *

“Strategy is an art, a science and a philosophy, but above all, it is a practice”.

This space is meant to be a platform for an ongoing reflection about some of the most important parts of our lives – the expression of one’s humanity, creativity and talent. Our projects.

And any careful reflection about our projects must include that which generates their movement and life: the strategies that we create for them.

This blog is designed, in content and form, to be just that place where we can reflect on the essential art of strategy.

Strategy is first a way of seeing. Then it becomes an idea, and after that, an action; and through the habit of regular reflection, it can become a practice.

The Strategy Blog consists of brief, periodic writings for nourishing this practice, which can then be used for building, analyzing, fine-tuning and evolving our projects and their effectiveness.

From the venture of a single person, to a collective, organization or government, when we transmit conceptual clarity and draw strategic maps that are precise and creative, our projects are useful, successful and can adapt more fluidly to new circumstances.

Therefore, it is crucial to stop, look, listen and ask ourselves questions about what we have built or what we are building. This always leads to different types of actions with new results. That is the beauty of strategic practice.

Why was this blog created?

As a consultant and strategist, over the last years I have been observing, asking questions, listening to and networking with a large community of entrepreneurs, creators, organizations and administrations – from Washington to Barcelona. And I have detected a need. A need to strengthen the language and practice of strategy.

I have observed many projects that do not achieve their full potential, lose their way, are struggling to survive, or are simply not evolving. After meeting with the people involved in those projects, we came to the same conclusion time after time: that the core vision and strategy had not been recently examined or evaluated. In some cases there had not been a well-crafted and dynamic strategic map to begin with. This was the axis of the problem, and once identified, the beginning of the solution.

This moment in history is a critical time for our projects. The world today is a world of change that can be both exciting and unsettling. The transformations in technology, economies and human activity are rapid and demanding. Immersed in an environment of image, sound, ideas, platforms, and pressures to adapt, our attention is fragmented and easily distracted.

This is why this blog was created. To help center our attention on strategy.

Who is this blog for?

This blog is designed for entrepreneurs, artists, CEOs, directors, volunteers, team leaders, members of government, agents of change, creators.

It is relevant to projects that are online, offline, or a combination of both.

How does it work?

The subscription feature is a key part of the concept of The Strategy Blog.

With this option, periodically, a writing on a particular aspect of strategy will arrive in your mailbox. My intention is to plant seeds that cultivate a strategic attitude through the regular practice of exploring points of view, raising questions and contemplating new possibilities.

The writings and stories draw from the worlds of science, philosophy, history, technology, literature, art and popular culture as well as from the diverse schools of formal strategic systems.

Given that we don’t always have the time, the know-how or the motivation to consistently pause and evaluate, The Strategy Blog can be used as a new tool for your personal or professional sphere.

If you would like to expand on a theme, you are welcome to participate by sending a comment or contacting me personally. Above all, I invite you to sit back, take a deep breath and enjoy a few moments of reflection.

Without a doubt, strategic practice will help our projects to be continuously vital, creative and meeting goals.

And it’s never too early or too late to begin; it’s always just the right time.